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A little known variant of Chevrolet's El Camino, the GMC Sprint was produced from 1971 through 1977. It looked like an El Camino except for "GMC/SPRINT” emblems in various locations along with a large "GMC” emblem on the front grille. Two types of Sprint were offered; a base model called the standard, and an upgrade model called the "Custom” Sprint. The GMC Sprint was offered with all the same options as the El Camino and even offered a Sprint "SP” version, an option package to the "Custom” Sprint, which was similar to the El Camino "SS”.

The Sprint was renamed Caballero for the 1978 model year and was produced through 1987. Only trim designations, emblems and wheel trim differentiate them from the Chevrolet. GMC also offered special trim packages for the Caballero called Diablo, Laredo and Amarillo. Other than different nameplates and minor trim variations, it is difficult to distinguish a Caballero from an El Camino.

The sporty Diablo package was offered from 1978 as an equivalent to the El Camino's Royal Knight package. A few details included hood graphic, lower body accent paint, black-trimmed window frames and a large "Diablo” decal on the tailgate. When Chevrolet dropped the Royal Knight option on the El Camino in 1982, GMC's Diablo remained but in the "normal” Super Sport model which meant the flame decal was gone but little else changed. The V6 engine remained standard throughout Diablo's existence.

The Laredo which was offered from 1978 through 1980 only was a Caballero equivalent to the El Camino Conquista package. It included two-tone paint in various color combinations and a "Laredo” decal on the tailgate. In 1981 and through the end of production, the Laredo became known as the Amarillo. Other than the different name on the tailgate, the package was mostly the same. GMC changed the name right about the time Jeep began using the "Laredo” name for different special models in their line.