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El Camino Be Cool
Be Cool Inc. was founded in 1998 by Roger Rosebush when he identified the need for better cooling in his 1969 Camaro Z/28. Since that time Be Cool has grown into the industry leader in cooling for specialty vehicles. Quality has been the hallmark of every Be Cool product since the formation of the company. Beginning with an OEM-grade radiator core (for best heat rejection) every Be Cool radiator is manufactured using high-grade aluminum tanks. All Be Cool radiators are precision welded from an engineering blueprint. This construction method ensures a well-engineered part that fits accurately and provides peak cooling efficiency. Every radiator is 100% tested for leaks before it is hand-finished and ready for sale. Additionally, Be Cool is famous for their professional look and robust packaging that guarantees a damage-free part for the end user. Be Cool’s billet-machined components are carefully constructed with the same eye for quality.

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